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         High-entropy alloys and related materials were originated from Taiwan. They have been explored and developed by Professor Jien-Wei Yeh and his team at Tsing Hua University since 1995. After their eight-year efforts, five papers of high-entropy alloys were first disclosed and published in 2004. From 2005, an average of 10 high-entropy alloy papers were published each year by his team. In company with the introductory article written by Prof. Ranganathan for high-entropy alloys in 2003 and the independent paper written by Prof. Cantor on equiatomic multicomponent alloys in 2004, high-entropy alloys and related materials has attracted the attention of the world. The rapid growth of the number of papers was from 2013 after the steady growth from 2005 to 2012. The publications on high-entropy materials in 2018 is double that in 2017. The conferences, symposiums and workshops have been held in name of high-entropy alloys or high-entropy materials. Projects, special issues of journals and books on high-entropy alloys or high-entropy material also increase in number. Therefore, in response to the emerging field, the first “high entropy materials center” is established in 2018 in Tsing Hua under the funding support from the Featured Areas Research Center Program within the framework of the Higher Education Sprout Project by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and from the Booster Project by Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. The operation of the Center is to promote cross-university and interdisciplinary cooperation, integrate professors and researchers of related fields, establish the theory and develop various applications of high-entropy materials. The mission of the Center is to achieve the academic excellence and to create featured industries from high-entropy materials in Taiwan and the world.